BDN is all natural raw


The best and closest diet to nature for dogs is a fresh raw diet. Dogs have been thriving on raw diets for thousands of years. Although a raw diet is unquestionably the best way to feed your dog, there are a lot disadvantages that come with it in modern society.

A raw diet is time consuming to make in a proper way. Storing is difficult and challenging. It is prone to spoilage and loss of valuable vitamins and minerals. A regular raw dog food (with fruits and vegetables) contains about 75% water. Expensive water to ship. 


At BDN we start with unprocessed wholesome ingredients, which we grind and mix in small batches at our facility . No short cuts and lots of passion and love.

bdn is dehydrated


Dehydrating or air drying dog food solves most of the issues mentioned above. Vitamins and minerals are locked in and it yields great tasting food with a very long shelf life if kept dry. To feed, just add water and serve.
As easy as that.

Easy storage

Storing dehydrated food is much more efficient. Dehydrated dog foods tend to take less than one quarter of their original storage space, and don’t require the ongoing electrical drain of a freezer. It also is the most convenient way to travel, like on vacation, dog shows, boarding, etc…


Air drying or dehydrating is the world’s oldest form of food preservation, it requires no preservatives.  At BDN air drying is done at low temperatures from 80 to 100 degrees, which keeps the essential enzymes of the meat and vitamins intact and requires minimal processing. 

bdn is fermented

what is it

At BDN we use lacto-fermentation. This is the same kind of fermentation that is used to make yogurt, sauerkraut, etc…
Fermented foods are also filled with beneficial bacteria that work as reinforcement for the good bacteria in the dog’s digestive system. Since 70 percent to 80 percent of the immune system lies in the gut, having proper balance of gut flora is very important.


Fermentation is the only type of food preparation that doesn’t destroy certain nutrients. It increases your dog’s B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes, lactose and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria. Fermented foods are full of natural beneficial microflora called probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms proven to exert health-promoting influences in dogs.


Fermentation breaks down the hard cell wall, typical for vegetables, and makes those veggies super digestive, which is especially useful for dogs who have a short digestive system. Fermented foods restore the proper balance of bacteria in the gut and makes BDN highly bio-available. On top of all this fermentation also makes our products very safe and stable. 

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