Happy gut… Healthy, happy dog!

Adding fermented foods in your diet is an excellent way to do that. At Big Dog Natural, we include fermented vegetables to all of our formulas. There are so many reasons that this is “a GOOD thing”, but I will list the main ones why we use (our OWN in-house) fermented veggies.
For centuries, people have been using this age old method (it dates back as far as 7000 to 8000 BC) as a way of preserving and protecting foods, while at the same time increasing the benefits.

Raw or cooked veggies are pretty much useless for dogs.

While our food is 70% real wholesome meat, fruits and vegetables can add beneficial vitamins and minerals . But raw veggies are really hard to digest in a dog’s short digestive tract, and cooking them reduces or even destroys the vitamins.
Fermenting pre-digests them, creates enzymes necessary for digestion and thus makes the vitamins already present in the food not only highly bio-available, but even more vitamins are created. .

Boosting the immune system.

84% of the immune system is based in the “gut”. Fermentation creates an abundance of probiotics. It increases essential B-Vitamins, anti-oxidants and lactic acid, which acts as a preservative, kills harmful bacteria, and lets the good bacteria thrive. Which leads me to the next point:

Preserving and protecting the food.

The fermentation process converts sugars into lactic acid, which protects the food from harmful bacteria. So not only do the fermented veggies offer a great benefit in itself, it makes the food safer and easy to digest.

And that’s why, FERMENTING is just one of the GOOD things we do at BIG DOG NATURAL

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